A Short Story (Part I: The Departure)

I remember waking up and the only thing I could feel was brisk, cold air against my face; I always liked leaving my window open when I was sleeping. It wasn’t that I didn’t like the warmth; it’s just that I liked to feel the cold against my face. You could see and feel winter coming. The orange and red leaves were slowly falling off the trees, the sky turned dark much earlier and the aura of the world around me started to change. Today is a day that was going to change everything in my life; today was the day I was leaving home. I had been planning my escape for months now, not letting any distractions slip into my mind, not leaving any details behind, just slowly perfecting everything. Since I was young, I had always had this envision of me traveling around the world, seeing the places I had never seen before. For a lot of people, this envision is just an idea but I was determined to make it a reality.
When I began planning my escape back in March, I needed to decide where exactly I wanted to go. I had begun studying languages, exploring maps on the internet, and learning about the cultures of various countries. The most important aspect of my whole escape was saving up the money I needed to actually reach my destination. I had started saving money from a very young age. After taking out money here and there for my pointless teenage needs, I had a grand total for $1,250.00 in my account. This is when I started taking everything more seriously. Researching prices for transportation and sleeping amenities started taking up most of my free time. Months and months went on and my plan was flawlessly finished a few days ago.
Last night, my mind was swimming with thoughts of worry and excitement. I probably got a whole 3 hours of sleep. Part one of my plan to escape was to wake up at precisely 4:45 to take a shower and begin my departure. I picked a day in which my parents were on vacation down in the Caribbean so that I could leave without worrying about them stopping me. My parents had always been quite absent throughout my life. They’re always busy going on trips or seminars or cheating on each other but I remained sane and kept to myself for most of my child life. I left a 6 page letter I had written them on the kitchen table, the letter explained where I would be, without being too specific and why I left, without hurting their feelings. When I walked out of our Boston apartment, I felt a rush of cold air hit my face, the taxi driver was sitting in his car, waiting patiently for me. I put my suitcase and backpack in the trunk and quickly jumped inside, trying hard not to freeze.

“Logan Airport, please” I said quite eagerly. The taxi driver looked as though he was in his early seventies and had a bright smile on his face, although he did look quite curious. We began small talk about the weather and where I was going but afterward, I sat in silence for the rest of the ride. Logan airport was always booming with energy, even at 5:45 in the morning. Everybody was in a hurry to get to wherever they needed to be. One woman nearly knocked me over while she was running to her gate, she didn’t even glance over to see if I was okay. I spent an hour waiting in my seat before they were allowing us to board the plane. I was always quite familiar with flying in an airplane and I have always found it to be quite exhilarating. When I got to my seat, a woman, about middle aged was sitting in the seat closest to the aisle. She looked up at me and smiled.
“I hope you don’t mind me taking this seat, sitting near the window has always made me nervous”.
“Of course not, I have always favored the window seat”. Which is true, I liked to look down at the ground and see the clouds beneath us. The plane took off and a I let out a huge sigh of relief; my plan was falling into place beautifully. The woman next to me put her headphones on and put on a movie. I decided to just look down at the cars and all of the land. I was always amazed at how high we were. I put on my headphones and decided to watch a movie called “Stuck in Love”. The description told me it was about an acclaimed writer, his ex-wife and their teenage children coming to terms with the complexities of love. The movie proved to be quite good, I would definitely recommend it. I looked out the window again and saw that we were now high above the ocean, slowly but surely reaching the place I have been dying to get to. My mind swam again with excited thoughts and with my body full of good vibes, I drifted off into sleep.



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