Christmas 2K14

I decided that my first post on Adventure Script was going to be a rant. Not because I like to rant and complain about things but because this is a topic that I feel very strongly about. As everybody knows, Christmas is coming up and the first thing that seems to pop into people’s mind are presents. I can’t help but notice and acknowledge how completely ridiculous and superficial this is. Earlier today, one of my friends said “I honestly only care about the presents”. I admire her honesty because most people wouldn’t think to say this but it caught me off guard. I’ve been spending a great deal of my time thinking about this and have come to the conclusion that people need to be grateful. Be happy that you’re alive, you ¬†have a family that loves you and cares about you, you have a roof over your head, food in your stomach and the things you so desperately wanted last Christmas. Think about people, whether they’re older or younger than you, that won’t be receiving anything because they can’t afford it. This year or even next year, instead of worrying about buying a gift for yourself or your second cousin’s best friend, buy a gift and donate it to someone who actually needs it!

22, December, 2014

Brie (Adventure Script)


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